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Glow Goddess

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, Leah Michelle

play-button 53:15

House Call

“House Call” “I’m not sure if he is going to show up”… With her husband out of town Cali Caliente hires King Noire for a unique Fetish Training experience. It has been her fantasy to incorporate all of her fetishes into a consensual abduction scenario. When the night arrives Cali is yet to hear from King. She hangs up her call, finishes her drink and begins to make her way inside from the pool. Just as she lowers her guard King grabs her from behind immediately sending a shockwave through her body and flooding her pussy. “Are you ready for me?” He wipers in her ear, she mumbles a reply she hope conveys the fire she has burning to be ravaged by her captor. Every spank from his hands and impact from his paddle sends waves through her body. King clips clothes pins to Cali’s inner thigh French kissing her pussy lips he pulls them off to add pain to her pleasure. Directed to her knees cuffed behind her back, the mouth that spoke words of doubt is now stuffed with King’s thick heavy dick. Her body yearning to be filled instinctually to let go as King slides his manhood inside of her. King takes his time rhythmically stroking Cali until she lets go of a powerful convulsive orgasm, just the release she hoped for. Inspired by how well he fucked her mouth and pussy Cali invites King into her ass, he starts slow and spreads her tight hole with every thrust. As the passion mounts King comes to climax in tremendous proportions all over Cali’s face. She thanks him and says she will make sure to recommend him and his talents. Overly satisfied she lays down still painted with his essence and a smile on her face.

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Featuring: King Noire, Cali Caliente

play-button 46:18

Club Cuck

When Jet Setting Jasmine sets a date, she expects her suitor to be on time and looking sharp. Tonight, however, Dillon Diaz is a no-show, leaving Jasmine alone at a nightclub, waiting in vain. King Noire owns this club and hates to see a lady frowning, so he sends Jasmine a drink to make her smile while she waits. To his surprise, King finds that Jasmine is still waiting, even after closing. As they get to know one another, it isn't long before they both forget all about the date that brought her there, until Dillon Diaz shows up looking like the idiot he is! As Dillon makes excuses and begs for forgiveness, Jasmine is angered even further. Jasmine lets him know If he truly wishes to make it up to her he will have to make amends and earn her favor. This is going to be a long night for Dillon, but for Jasmine, the party is just getting started. First, Jasmine commands Dillon to lick and grovel at her feet, then strip down for her so she can clamp his nipples. Dillon is nude, vulnerable, and whimpering in the middle of the club while Jasmine flogs and sharply crops him over and over as King Noire watches in amusement. Next, she introduces Dillon to a leather strap. Continuing the humiliation, Jasmine bends Dillon over and fucks his tight asshole and, if he couldn't be humiliated further, Jasmine invites King Noire, a true dominant, to fuck her while she penetrates this whiny cuck. King Noire fucks Jasmine from behind while she effusively describes the depth of the pleasure that King is giving her while she destroys Dillon's hole, detailing all the lewd sensations that Dillon will never experience because he couldn't even arrive on time. Since Dillon is useless as a man, Jasmine decides he is more valuable as a piece of furniture and uses him as a fuck box, making Dillon stay on all fours while she leans on him, legs wide, and King Noire takes his time deeply fucking her so that Dillon can feel every thrust he'll never make, Jasmine screams with delight and beneath her Dillon can feel every shudder, every moan and every twitch of Jasmine's hot sexy body. Jasmine straddles poor Dillon while she sucks King's cock and Dillon can feel her wet pussy on his back, a pussy that will forever be denied him. Jasmine forces Dillon to lay on his back. His punishment is over and now she simply wants him to see what he missed by showing up so late. As Jasmine positions herself, straddling Dillon's head with her knees and presenting her dripping cunt for King to enter from behind, Dillon now has the best seat in the house, treated to a close-up pounding that puts him to shame. After a long hard fucking Jasmine slaps Dillon's useless dick. Then she tells Dillon to jack off while she and King watch. The final insult comes when Jasmine licks King's cock until he cums, dropping his load right on Dillon's face. That's the last little worm that wastes her time.

CEI cum shot cuckolding role play female orgasm anal FemDom pegging male submissive Double Domination

Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, King Noire, Dillon Diaz

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Trampa, USA

"Trampa, USA" Kasey Kei and King Noire sucke & rim each other, then King fucks her hole deep until he explodes all over her dick. Best part, her lover recorded it ALL!!!

spit fetish sucking dick rimming BBC cum shot sneaker fetish sloppy head anal Trans

Featuring: King Noire, Kasey Kei

play-button 17:58

Goddess Ritual

The Kamasutra is not only about lovemaking and different sex positions, but also the art of living well, the nature of love, finding a life partner, and taking care of the love life. In Goddess Ritual, Jet Setting Jasmine and Leah Michelle explore these aspects of intimacy and more through their connection in this beautiful new scenes. Jasmine welcomes Leah into her Scared Space, guiding her into positions of body worship, pleasure principles and sensual domination. The two Goddesses have an understanding of the beauty and power that comes with pregnancy sex; they respect every drop of it. Jasmine guides Leah to express her worship with deep kisses, pussy licking and mutual pleasure as they share the Queen’s Command —stroking each other with insertable to bring down their orgasms. As Leah’s singular focus is to pleasure Jasmine during her final weeks of pregnancy, they move into tribing and mutual masturbation until the Queen expresses her climax over Leah as a sign of complete approval of her tribute. Director, Videographer and Editor: King Noire Robe: @ownyoursensuality

kissing sex toys vibrators Lesbian squirting first scene pregnant beautiful erotica scissoring

Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, Leah Michelle

play-button 25:02

Anal Training: Her Boxing Fantasy

Amari Gold knows that trainer King Noire also does porn and fantasizes that their boxing training session will lead to another kind of training. As King wraps her hands with tape she drifts off into thoughts of him wrapping her legs wide open or her hands behind her back. She has done her homework so as she hits the boxing mitts she thinks of how it would feel to be spanked, flogged and whipped by her boxing trainer that is also a Master Fetish Trainer as well. The rhythm of the punches on the mitts allow her a moment to zone out into her full fantasy, being tied up and trained in her holes by King’s thick dick! As he pounds her tight pussy and asshole she is released from her bondage so that she can ride his powerful stroke until he explodes for her to taste. Their shared moans bring her back to hitting the mitts and she realizes it was all a fantasy.

BBC flogging BDSM bondage workout fetish impact play anal whipping big dick

Featuring: King Noire, Amari Gold

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Tasting My Cum 7

"Tasting My Cum 7" I hit 100k on Twitter and celebrated by sucking on the JSJ "Countess" Dildo(message me for a King discount), masterfully stroking the my fat ass dick and enjoying a cherry on top- the taste of my delicious cum as dessert!!!

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Featuring: King Noire

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Sex Tape: King Noire & Emma Rose

passion spit fetish sucking dick rimming BBC kissing anal big dick frotting sex tape

Featuring: King Noire, Emma Rose

play-button 39:26

Play With Me

King & Jasmine turn the camera on to invite you into a much needed staycation! They share laughs, kisses, strokes, a powerful vibrator and orgasms leading to a bountiful cream pie.

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, King Noire

play-button 27:29

Sensual Domination

Sensual Domination Sensual domination is a style of dominance and submission (D/s) which focuses on delighting all the senses. Sensual dominance celebrates pleasure over pain -Kinkly Nicole Aria enjoys the view from the balcony overlooking the Hollywood Hills. She also enjoys King Noire sliding a golden collar on her neck and guiding her to climactic pleasure all while sensually spanking, gagging, slapping and spitting on her. Domination with a touch of care sends her body through orgasmic waves and brings the sensual slut out of her. King tastes her pussy with deep and flavorful licks of passion. She stuffs her throat with King Sir’s thick manhood and uses all of the excess amounts of spit to lick his asshole and taint with vigor. His slow motion wind and grind at different depths inspires her movements, moans and desire for him to cum inside of her. As they orgasm together he puts his load deep inside of her to push out taste and swap in a kiss.

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Featuring: King Noire, Nicole Aria

play-button 43:44

Yes Goddess

It’s a Dream Cum True when Orlando meets Jet Setting Jasmine after pleasuring himself to Royal Fetish Film’s Sacred Sex night after night! His new found pregnancy fetish has him thinking of Jasmine non stop, that he manifest her in his dreams. So vivid she commands his full attention to relaxing and pleasuring her, training him in his sleep to one day please her properly. Orlando can only reply YES Goddess to her demands of body worship, pussy licking, fingering and swallowing her fertile squirt and cum!

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, Whorelando

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His Wife's Session

Her husband booked a Fetish Training Session to fulfill all of her fantasies. He even paid extra on the condition we record all of it. She was nervous with longing and a desire to finally know the possibilities of her own pleasure. Flogging, spanking, chains and whips were the appetizer for deep strokes touching all of the places he will never touch inside of her.

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Featuring: King Noire, Karen Rogers

play-button 48:20

Downtown After Sundown

passion spit fetish sucking dick rimming kissing first time anal Trans frotting multiple orgasms

Featuring: King Noire, Amarillia Diosa

play-button 26:13

Voyeuristic Connection

passion Black Love eating pussy flogging orgasm cream pie voyeurism impact play squirting big dick

Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, King Noire

play-button 13:43

Tasting King

I met Danja in the lobby of my hotel after I was finishing up my workout. She said she wanted to taste me so I fed her appetite with my heavy dick, lickable ass and flavorful load.

rimming ass worship big breasts big ass kissing cum shot sneaker fetish eating ass big dick ass play

Featuring: King Noire, Danja Angel

play-button 01:16:48

Fuck Furniture

It's no secret that King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine are heavily sought after for their life changing Date Night experiences. This date night with adult performers and irl couple, Dillon Diaz and Jake waters lives up to the Royal Fetish experience standard. Dillon invites Jake out for an evening of fetish play and exploration, as they've been dabbling on their own at home. Dillon knows there is more unlocking in regards to his lover’s kinky side and hires the dynamic Master Fetish Trainers to bring it out. The couple submit to the evening Of delectable domination and waves of ecstasies as pain translates to pleasure and intimacy leaves the room swirling in love and bliss. King and Jasmine turn this couple into a human fuck swing, the most exquisite pieces of furniture and then marvel at their Work, as they allow the couple to take every ounce of their lessons and convert it into a showcase of love. Like any good host, Jasmine and King prepare a relaxing aftercare bath for Dillon and Jake to come down off the cum high and process what an evening with Queen and King of kink has done to change their lives.

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, King Noire, Dillon Diaz, Jake Waters

play-button 25:51

King of Miami Ep. 1 Arrival

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Featuring: King Noire, Ravyn Alexa

play-button 34:05

The Poly Proxy Chapter IV The Introduction

Polyamory, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Erogenous Zones, Orgasmic Pleasure and Open Relationships are all shared and explored in this five part series. Xerlina Devine tells her partner King Noire about a new lover(Reina Ryder) she had the pleasure of meeting and after his ok she invites her over. The sparks are instantaneous as the 3 of them find new positions and angles to please one another.

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Featuring: King Noire, Reina Ryder, Xerlina Devine

play-button 23:00

Date Night: The Hunt Part II

A deal is a deal! Bwana and Milo Skye have to make good on their bet wager, see part one “Pool Hustle” to catch up on their chemistry! King Noire and Jet Jasmine Jasmine invite the couple back to the Royal Fetish Studio for “Movie Night”, where their fetish training is the main feature! Milo and Bwana get to see one another submit to pain and pleasure at the hands of their trainers. Jasmine and King deliver an impact session that brings the two in-sync and locked into satisfying their every desire. The couple are flogged, used and fucked to the King and Queen’s standards.

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Featuring: King Noire, Jet Setting Jasmine, Bwana, Milo Skye

play-button 01:05:10

Whorelando: 3sum Creampie

Rimming, Squirting, Flogging and Fucking!!! Whorelando!!! Krystal Davis is on vacation in Whorelando with Jenna Love and figures what better way to enjoy the resort than with a man whore. After her 1st session with King Noire Krystal has been excited to feel his floggers and fat dick again and was even more happy to share with Jenna. King Sir flogs, spanks and fucks all at the same time while handcuffing Jenna and controlling her orgasms thru Krystal and her wand. 1Hr Hardcore Scene.

eating pussy rimming BBC BDSM bondage handcuffs orgasm cream pie squirting hard fucking

Featuring: King Noire, Krystal Davis, Jenna Love

play-button 32:34

Pool Hustle: The Hunt Part I

Jasmine and King are back in the world and on the hunt for Sapio-Stimulation! The couple invite Milo and Bwana for a friendly game of pool, where the wager is worth a little hustle. Between shared experiences over music about group sex and flirting over every shot — everyone wins with pleasure when you enter a bet with Master Fetish Trainers! After the game of pool King and Jasmine begin to seduce their prey on the bar countertop as they have Milo sprawled out to receive her winning bet. Her partner Bwana there in support. Jasmine teases Milo’s clit with a wand as King spanks her thighs raising her temperature and tolerance level. Milo and Bwana share kisses and she can’t help but to grab his dick already hard with the thoughts of what royalty will do to his partner. As Milo’s body begins to gyrate Jasmine rewards her with vibrations that bring her to a powerful release. The couple agrees to meet up Jasmine and King for a couples training session. After the couple leaves Jasmine is ready for King to discuss their hunt and ravage one another with the lust they have for one another’s prowess to attract and please new prey. King feasts on Jasmine’s pussy as she smiles with content, her waters rising as she knows Kings deep thrusts will soon reverberate through her body. They explore each other and positions on the bar stool penetration punctuated by Jasmine squirting all over King and King reciprocating by cumming deep inside his hunting mate.

Black Love spanking sex toys squirting sapiosexual Power Couple first scene big dick dating sub couple

Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, King Noire, Bwana, Milo Skye

play-button 31:33

A Rose At Kings Altar

Emma Rose has put her faith in the Fetish Training of her Dom King Noire.
On her knees, hands together in preparation to worship King Sir’s heavenly dick and fully submit her body in total devotion.
King Sir warms up Emma’s body with his hands and instruments to elevate her potential for both the pain and pleasure he has planned for all her holes.
Taking the time to build anticipation, each step is one closer to stretching her out as a reward for her piety. Her salivating stare is quenched as his huge cock gags her into subspace. Kings grip on Emma's collar leads her to the bed where she is to spread herself and present her next hole to the object of her worship.
They both grow harder as his thick pulsating head slides into her asshole, her breath skips as she gasps with fulfillment. A convulsing anal orgasm pulsates through Emma's entire body. The rewards of worship keep her devotion fixed to his altar.
“On your knees, prayer position, worship”.

passion spit fetish collar Domination impact play anal big dick Trans gaping fish nets

Featuring: King Noire, Emma Rose

play-button 29:46


After a long workday Jasmine comes to her play space to find it in disarray. Now her service submissive has to earn her forgiveness. Sometimes it hard to know which role you’re playing when you’re a SWITCH (Cambiadore). Find the lesson in yourself Shot Edited: BlkTouch Directed by: Blktouch, Jet Setting Jasmine, Glittersaurus Rex

orgasm solo masturbation high heels vibrators POV bare feet dildos psychological dom switch

Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine

play-button 13:10

Poly Proxy Chap. I: Personal Trainer

Sara Jay uses a free trail membership to the gym and meets the owner and instructor King Noire who upon leaving tells her about his private workouts. Sara full of interest and horny after her workout goes back with King to his place. The chemistry is undeniable, the embrace one another and it intensifies from there! King removes Sara's top and begins tasting on her neck and works his way down to her breasts as she strokes his dick through his gym shorts. They remove their clothes and Sara welcomes King's heavy dick into her mouth. King and Sara proceed to work out positions and strokes together until they both climax. King shares that his partner will be home soon and is looking forward to introducing the two of them. To Be Continued in Part II!!!

sucking dick big breasts big ass cum shot sneaker fetish workout fetish hard fucking riding dick big dick

Featuring: King Noire, Sara Jay

play-button 02:08:05

The Art of Seduction LIVE pt. 1

Learn how to set the right scene for the night of your life! King and Jasmine give participants all the tools and cues necessary to seduce, relax and engage your partner from unforgettable foreplay to sensual love making and mind blowing climax. They draw out the importance of patience and communication between partners before, during and after sex for a mutually pleasurable experience. The lovers will end this 2hr workshop with a live sex demonstration from foreplay to climax!

flogging orgasm impact play live sex show sex toys real sex sapiosexual Sex Ed climax

Featuring: King Noire, Jet Setting Jasmine

play-button 09:09

Bess Rose Solo

Gagged by the Bess Rose, I explore the feeling of uncontrollable pleasure as the toy sends pulses of sensation through my body. My clitoris is the processing unit for pleasure on my body for sure --where is your spot that offers no mercy? I added the photoset to then end of the video, so you can also see how much fun behind the scenes.

Black Goddess orgasm solo masturbation sex toys vibrators gag ball restraints

Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine

play-button 09:56

Tasting My Cum 5(Good Vibrations)

In this new cum tasting adventure I go barefoot and use a mini wand on my taint & asshole laid back and on top all while a cuck and his wife watch me via Signal.

spit fetish solo masturbation stroking cock bare feet cum tasting big dick

Featuring: King Noire

play-button 01:22:59

Ethical Sluts

“Getting turned on requires a physical and mental transition to a different state of consciousness” -The Ethical Slut Tasked with a project on The Ethics of Sex, King Noire and Reina Ryder meet up at King’s apartment to share notes and wax philosophic about their views on sex work. The mutual understanding and attraction comes to a head when Reina admits she has not completed her half of the project due to being busy and on the go. King decides she needs to learn a lesson in stillness. He sends her to the wall and positions her out stretched arms to hold the dictionary of philosophy as he spanks her with her notes. Reina is delightful in surrender and offers her body for punishment. As the pages of “The Ethical Slut” unfold over her nipples she tries to breath through the strategic holes in her ball gag. “Yes King Sir” flows naturally out of her mouth. “You came here to do a project and leave with a lesson” states King. The lesson of stillness shifts Reina’s frame to hold multiple positions of pleasure as King spanks, flogs, folds, licks and strokes her body into soul stirring orgasmic pleasure. As King reaches climax he paints her labia licks it all off and shares it with her wide open mouth.

spanking cum shot sneaker fetish high heels gag ball cum swapping female orgasm sapiosexual athletic positions snowballing

Featuring: King Noire, Reina Ryder

play-button 23:35

Artistic Cream Pie

choking spanking cream pie sneaker fetish blowjob female orgasm big dick paint art

Featuring: King Noire, Carmen Valentina

play-button 10:39

Stroking For Pussy Cat

A very special request from a special fan cums to life! "Stoke for me, show me how you would slide in and out of my holes. Let me see what it is like to be under you King Sir!"

ass worship solo masturbation POV bare feet big dick satin

Featuring: King Noire