Collared in Shadows by Tyomi Morgan

King and Jasmine are relaxing in their hotel room.  While they unwind at night, King tells Jasmine that he got a request.  He wants to put her in a collar for some “light domination.”

Jasmine agrees.  They pick a safe word.  He collars her and kisses her neck sensually.  He whispers to her and uses the collar to pull her down on her knees and put his hard cock on her face.  He toys with her at first, pulling the collar and teasing her with his dick.  She stays on her knees with her mouth and eyes wide open until he tells her to suck.

He lays her on her back on the hotel room table and fucks her mouth upside down.  She moans with her throat full of dick while he pulls her chain collar, then moves to her pussy to lick and tease her more.

King spreads her legs wide and licks her slowly until she cums on her back with a chain collar around her neck.  

After she cums, he teases her, running a red rose all over her body.  “Where do you want me…?”  She asks.  He puts his hard cock back in her mouth, pulls her choke chain, then takes her to the bed to fuck.

He fucks her on her back and makes her cum again, then grabs her by the throat and pounds her hard.  They fuck for a long time on the bed in many positions.

After all the fucking, Jasmine unwinds with her friend, Tyomi Morgan, who filmed the whole thing.  Jasmine talks about wearing the collar and how she came multiple times.  She’s glowing.